Obtaining Your FAA Medical Certificate

Medical Issues and Flying

New Horizons Aviation has noticed several trends concerning medical issues for pilots attempting to get their medical certificates. We want to share some of these with you, as you contemplate getting your medical or keeping your medical current. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has a nice site that discusses medical issues in more detail. Click on http://www.aopa.org/members/pic/medical/. Another link, http://www.aopa.org/members/pic/medical/turbomedical/, provides a sample medical certificate questionnaire that will answer many questions concerning the requirements for a medical certificate.

Those persons with ADD/ADHD who are taking a drug such as Ritalin or Adderall will be disqualified until they have been off the drug for 90 days.

Anti-Depressants and medications for high blood pressure are also drugs that will be disqualifying. A history of seizures, fainting, and heart problems will need to be thoroughly investigated. An Aviation Medical Examiner will be able to determine if there are alternatives available.

If in doubt, New Horizons Aviation can refer you to a local Aviation Medical Examiner for further consultation prior to applying for your FAA Medical Certificate.

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